General Rules


TENANTS AGREE to and shall perform according to each and all of the following general rules and covenants.
Failure to abide by the rules or to perform accordingly under these rules and covenants shall be proper cause for
eviction. Therefore, Tenants agree to accept and abide by the following rules and covenants.

  1. TENANTS AGREE to maintain property – includes watering lawns, shrubs, and trees and to keep yards clean, meaning pick up garbage in yard and common areas. No indoor-type house furniture shall be left outside house in yard area.
  2. TENANTS AGREE to use common garbage bins and containers provided by the Owner for household garbage only and shall not dispose of boxes, furniture (indoor-outdoor), tree branches, leaves, and other items not considered household.
  3. TENANTS AGREE to obtain written permission from Owner before altering the property in any manner. This applies to painting, removal of fire detection equipment (smoke alarms), building fences, cutting trees, or any changes proposed to interior of houses, apartments, or garages.
  4. TENANTS AGREE to park only in assigned or designated parking spaces or driveways and to keep those areas clean. Oil or grease drippings must be kept cleaned up. Tenants further agree that no parking shall be allowed on lawns or landscaped areas. This includes Tenants’ vehicles and those of all guests and/or visitors. Tenants also agree not to park in common roadways and driveways that limit access to other tenants and to emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars.
  5. TENANTS AGREE not to repair vehicles on property if repairs take longer than one day. An exception may be allowed, with approval from the Owner, for vehicle repairs that can be done inside an enclosed garage or shed and are not dangerous to the occupants of the property.
  6. NONRUNNING vehicles are not allowed to remain on property for more than 7 days. Tenants agree to remove non-running vehicles from property and authorize the Owner to remove (tow away) vehicles after 7 days from the date “Notice to Move Vehicle” is mailed to Tenant’s address of record on file with owner. This includes all vehicles parked on property, including those of Tenants, guests, or friends of Tenants and vehicles left by unknown parties.
  7. TENANTS AGREE to pay the full cost of clearing and repairing all plumbing blockages, stoppages, and sewer backups caused by Tenants and their guests. These include hair in drain lines, toys found in drains or toilets, sanitary napkins flushed down toilets and general problems caused by occupants of property.This does not apply to main sewer line blockages, such as tree roots and faulty or collapsed lines in the sewer or septic systems.
  8. TENANTS AGREE to perform reasonable housekeeping on a routine basis and to take appropriate steps to prevent or minimize the invasion of household pests, such as cockroaches, spiders, mice, and ants. Inside the premises Tenants further agree to routinely remove all household (kitchen) garbage from premises and provide proper cleaning and maintenance inside the house to avoid pest control problems.
  9. TENANTS SHALL refrain from disturbing neighbor tenants. This rule applies to loud music, hollering, yelling, and screaming so as to adversely affect the rights and peaceful privacy of others (neighboring tenants). Police intervention and repeated violations of this rule shall be cause for eviction from the property.
  10. TENANTS AGREE not to commit any acts of waste, nuisance, and destruction of property and shall agree that property will be used for residential purposes only. No commercial activity, such as sales to the public, is permitted. Tenants agree to comply with city, county, and local zoning laws governing the property. Tenants shall agree to keep all Tenant-paid utilities turned on during tenancy. If utilities are turned off for nonpayment or if Tenants fail to have utilities turned on, then Tenants agree they are in violation of this lease agreement.
  11. TENANTS AGREE that no criminal activity will be permitted on the property. This rule includes Tenants, guests, and visitors to the property. Furthermore, it shall be agreed between the parties that any violation shall be a sufficient reason for immediate eviction from the property.
  12. TENANTS, UNDERSIGNED, AGREE that only those persons listed in this agreement are authorized to live on the property. No other persons may live at property without written permission from Owner. Furthermore, only those pets listed in this agreement may live at property, inside or outside the house or apartment. Tenants agree to clean up for approved pets, which includes pick-up (scooping of dog and cat doo-doo) in yards and around common areas where pets have access.
  13. TENANTS AGREE to pay for all damages to the property caused by themselves, children, guests, and friends. Such repairs must be made with 7 days after said damages occur. Most common damages covered by this rule are broken windows, vehicle damage to buildings or fences and breaking or damaging property while attempting to make repairs without authorization from Owners.


Violation of any part of the Agreement or nonpayment of rent when due shall be cause for eviction under appropriate sections of the State Code, and Tenants shall be liable for Court costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees involved.

EVERY RESIDENT is jointly and separately liable for paying the full rent payment every month. EACH TENANT and CO-SIGNER hereby acknowledges that he or she has read this agreement, the general rules and covenants, understands them, and fully agrees with them without reservation.
CO-SIGNERS further agree to be fully responsible for payment of rents and damages not paid by the Tenants or Residents. Electronic signatures by submission of rental application constitute full acceptance and agreement, without reservation, with all terms, conditions, and rules above.